" P H I L O X E N I A "

is live on YouTube.


Howling Eagle has began releasing a series short films called "Philoxenia". We will release new episodes on our free You Tube Channel. We created the series after filming trips across Greece, Jordan and Lebanon and numerous interviews with prominent people actively engaged in the refugee and asylum seeker issue. We will tell the stories of human beings forced to flee persecution and conflict, discuss the global refugee situation, and profile people, local communities and organisations who are rescuing, supporting and empowering refugees with compassionate, humanitarian approaches to their welfare. The series also looks in depth at Australia's controversial offshore processing regime which has attracted widespread criticism both within Australia and Internationally.

It's free to view the films, please subscribe to our channel by clicking on the above link and each month, we will send you a reminder when the next episode is live. We hope you  learn more about the issue, attain greater perspective and enjoy what we've produced. We also welcome feedback so please get in touch and message us on any of our social media platforms.


The Howling Eagle Team


 “We see this refugee issue as a problem but in fact, it is very human: to share solidarity with people coming and people in need, makes our society better.” — Efi Latsoudi, Founder, Lesvos Solidarity