In order to find humanitarian approaches, you only have decide to look for them.

The refugee and asylum seeker issue has two distinct parts. The first is how you treat those people who arrive seeking protection and safety. The second is whether they are successful in being granted asylum or not.

These are not the same issues.

Regardless of whether someone is granted asylum here, eventually returned home or resettled in another place, we have an obligation to treat every human being with the same respect and dignity we would hope for ourselves in their position. No human being's life is worth more than another's.

Just imagine:
Our politicians collaborating with the population it represents; playing a leadership role with transparency that makes us proud; being compassionate, worldly and mature; meeting its responsibilities as a global player and earning respect from humanitarian organisations, other societies around the world and chiefly from us: its own people.

Difficult? No. Those solutions are humane, accessible and have massive long term benefit for our whole society.


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