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How societies treat human beings reflects their values


Our Series "Philoxenia" is live on YouTube.
It's free to watch. Click on the links above or below to subscribe and catch every episode


Howling Eagle is an independent film project created by Australian artist Angus McDonald together with a small team in early 2017.

We’ve travelled through Greece, to Lebanon and to Jordan to hear the stories of displaced people, and meet inspirational people and organisations successfully adopting a range of humanitarian approaches to support them. We have learnt so much that we couldn't have imagined. Now we're sharing what we found.

Our series of short films titled "Philoxenia" is live on Youtube. The series comprises episodes and interviews that provide global perspectives and focus on the widely condemned offshore processing policy of the Australian Federal Government who left innocent men, women and children seeking safety and protection, on PNG's Manus Island & Nauru for 6 years.

Our first standalone film MANUS was recently awarded Best Documentary at the St. Kilda film Festival.

We hope our series will provide a greater perspective of the human dimension at the heart of this issue, and contribute to a positive change in Australia's approach.


The Migration Crisis: A Brief History


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