What We’re Doing

Treat other human beings in the exact same way you would hope and expect to be treated if you were in their position.

“I want to make poignant films that put a human face on the migrant issue and demystify the myths and fearful rhetoric that often surround notions of refugees as a group. Individuals and families fleeing persecution and conflict are people no different from us who seek the same things we do for themselves and their families.” 

 Angus McDonald

Howling Eagle aims to promote the understanding that the situation confronting migrants and refugees is a huge global issue that needs human solutions by a mature and compassionate society. 

Turning back boats and locking a small number of people away in isolated and inhumane environments where we have no access to them is not a sustainable solution. This has been happening in Australia now for five years. The remaining 1800 men, women and children living in limbo on Manus Island  and Nauru are traumatised and existing in a constant state of despair. Read how offshore detention hurts people.

Australians are allowing their elected government to act out a policy in a cruel, fearful and mean-spirited fashion. Rather than allowing this to rule our thinking, we can play a positive role in finding sustainable solutions. We can do this by looking outwards, working together, using our ingenuity and compassion, meeting our responsibility as a global player and being proud of our country’s contribution to supporting human beings in need.

By having the courage to do this, it can lift us all up. It can make our society stronger, more inclusive and resilient. We have seen first hand the benefits of these attitudes being played out in other parts of the world. Howling Eagle is committed to shining a light on the many humane, neighbourly and strengthening efforts that are helping refugees and asylum seekers experience their challenging, tenuous circumstances with dignity and hope.

How We Started

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